IMG_9109IMG_9204 IMG_9226 IMG_9240 IMG_9075 IMG_9195 IMG_9120 IMG_9210IMG_9329 I visited the Thean Hou temple, perched up on a hill, it has amazing views of the city and the suburbs. And I also managed to visit a fair few Hindu temples. The colours and the architecture continue to astound me every time I visit.

IMG_7052IMG_7413 2 IMG_7088 Another gem on my trail of cultural highlights was the visit to the Islamic arts museum. I got a private tour round the entire collection and immediately fell in love with the colours and the patterns of Islamic art. And getting all the historical background behind the culture and the history of specific pieces made my visit that much more special. And the best part for me personally was seeing little bits of home throughout the exhibition. A long long time ago I used to live in Eastern Europe and seeing familiar items form these shores really reminded of all the Islamic heritage I grew up with when travelling around places like Crimea.

Cardigan: Warehouse| Skort: Zara | Bag: Zara

IMG_9048 IMG_9039 Purple Cane Teahouse in Kuala Lumpur serves up a great variety of Chinese dishes, including dim sum. But the best part is that every dish is made with tea leaves. Black, green and oolong teas are cooked into the food, meanwhile the drinks menu has a long list of teas for you to choose from.

IMG_7909 IMG_7869 IMG_7905 IMG_7908Dim sum is one of my favourite foods. So when I went travelling around Asia, I made it my mission to try dim sum everywhere I went. On my visit to Kuala Lumpur, aside from the fun, the culture and the over-indulgence in all things tea, I paid visit to the Starhill Gallery. Luk Yu Teahouse is one of my favourite dim sum experiences to date. And their array of yummy desserts was just what I needed. It’s the kind of stuff you don’t get in London.

Top: Vintage | Cardigan: Warehouse| Skort: Zara

IMG_8937 IMG_8972 IMG_8925 After a long day of exploring and sightseeing Kuala Lumpur, I was right back at the Petronas towers in the evening to see the shimmering lights of KL laid out over the landscape. I was off to Marini’s, the famous 57th floor restaurant and bar, and the highest place you can grab a bite and a drink in KL. The views were breathtaking, and so completely worth it, despite me battling the urge to start holding onto the nearest wall, chair or person to fight off my fear of heights. Meanwhile, my Malaysia expert and unofficial tour guide gave me a tour of all of KL by night from the lounge window to wrap up my visit around Malaysia.

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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