Red Line



7:30 am - God no!

7:45 am - Make its stop!!

8:00 am  - I should get up, but living up to my aspirations to become the first living marshmallow are more important than clean hair. Retreats back into duvet.

Lateness score: 2/10 






playing lucky dip
Red Line


With the help of divine intervention, a lot of hairspray, and some very liberal contouring, I have a face and my hair is rock solid. Legit, you can bounce pennies off it. 
It's now 10 minutes after I need to head out of the door. Time to start thinking about what to wear. I try to remember what outfit decisions I scrawled on a piece of paper a week ago and whether I then threw it in the trash afterwards... Oh well, time to play lucky dip! I stick my hand into the left hand side of my wardrobe, pull out something white and pray it fits well enough that I won't  be left rolling around on the floor like a sausage and calling emergency services to come free me me from the death grip of my skinny jeans. 
Lateness score: 5/10






keeping time
Red Line


I'm not an early bird, but I'm glad the universe and Jord Wood Watches have my back. I've been eyeing up their line on insta for weeks now, so when a courier turned up at my door with this gift - Cora Maple and Silver watch from Jord's fall line, to give me a fighting chance at sticking to my LFW schedule. Dog ate my mascara? Nah, no more late excuses! 
Lateness score: on top of my game (and on time if I sprint to the tube)!
Then TFL stepped in... Go to tube. No tube. Time to break out the alternative travel methods, like flue powder, teleportation, the tardis. Where are my dragons?! 
Lateness score: Let's face it guys, if I was in game mode, I would have had to restart the level.






playing catchup
Red Line


Got to the shoot and snapped some pictures of Mariko Kuo in her Aquascutum SS17 look. Wrapped in 10 minutes. 5 of which were spent trying to regain my balance and my dignity after I walked smack into a parked truck while composing a shot. With my face. Makeup stayed put. Big thumbs up to my new setting spray from Lily Lolo. 
Lateness score: 0/10






playing catchup
Red Line


Off to the LFW Pandora The Look of You event, Edeline Lee, Markus Lupfer, Helter and Omer Asim today. 
Got handed a fruit and grain breakfast bar of questionable constitution. Potentially quinoa. I will never know. One never says no to a breakfast bar, especially when one has 3 more shoots to wrap and 5 events to leg it to. Not to mention that is there is nothing but tumbleweed rolling through the vast emptiness of one's fridge at home, like in a bad Western. Note to self: must remember to throw out the the piece of mouldy cheese in the fridge to make more room for that Chuck Norris movie set I've got developing in there. The cheese wasn't mouldy when I bought it three weeks ago... 
Lateness score: 0/10! Thank Jord!




ready, set, show
Red Line


Pandora's The Look of You event done and dusted. Off to Edeline Lee (some shots from the new collection above and right), but first time to get some snaps.
Shot another look for Mariko in her gorgeous Needle and Thread outfit. Headed to the parking lot, the new LFW venue with the girls - Mariko (@marikokuo), Voctoria (@victoriametaxas) and Anisa (@anisasojka). Outfit of the day was my personal invisibility cloak - my Canon 5D Mk II, which ensured that the flocks of photographers only notice you exist when you are in the way of their shot. Snapped a few photos against the backdrop of some spillage. Eww. Don't know what it is, don't want to know what it is, because I do know how much cleanup the streets of Soho require after a Friday night. Just watch what you step in, that's all I'm going to say. 
Lateness score: -2/10! I'm now making up time.





Red Line


Headed home to carve out a few hours of editing time and take more shots before the evening set of shows and presentations. Not only did I think I was going to run out of time, I thought I was never going to make it to half of the things in my calendar that day. 
Lateness score: -10/10 






because who doesn't love a freebie?!
Red Line


I have partnered with Jord Wood Watches to bring you guys this little giveaway.
Follow this link and enter for a chance to win. Winner gets $75 e-voucher. And because nobody deserves to feel left out, everyone else who enters gets a $20.00 e-gift card.


 Shoes: Pull & Bear | Jeans: All Saints | Top: Reiss | Jumper: All Sains | Jacket: Zara | Watch: Jord Wood Watch | Bracelet: Shaun Leane | Sunglasses: Asos (similar) | Bag: Louis Vuitton

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt, Form 42 and Mariko Kuo.
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