IMG_4328iceland blue lagooniceland blue lagooniceland blue lagooniceland blue lagooniceland blue lagoon iceland blue lagoon iceland blue lagooniceland blue lagooniceland blue lagoon iceland blue lagooniceland blue lagooniceland blue lagooniceland blue lagoonGuys, greetings from Iceland! I cannot contain my excitement at just how amazing this place is and I have literally been dying to share the pictures from this trip with you all so much that they queue jumped all my other scheduled posts and made it right to the top of my blog post pile.

I am opening my Iceland trip blog with a visit to the Blue Lagoon. Although it was the last stop on my Iceland itinerary where I could finally relax after a long and tiring week, this place is too amazing not to talk about right from the start.

I’m sure you know the gist: the Blue Lagoon is milky hot water pool in Iceland filled with silica mud. But what I was surprised to learn was that it apparently a pool of waste water from the local geothermal plant. And at some point someone discovered the water was great for various skin conditions, and before you know it, this became one of the most famous places in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is still expanding, and filling up some of the lava field around the Lagoon. You can see it on the drive up and I am dying to go back for a second visit and take some amazing pictures in the little pools around the main Lagoon.

Swimsuit: Victoria’s Secret | Nail polish: Ilamasqua | Nail polish: Deborah Lippman


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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