IMG_5518 2 IMG_5301 IMG_5510 IMG_5725IMG_5807 IMG_6072 IMG_6084 IMG_5942 IMG_5186As part of my trip to Malaysia, I went up to the Cameron Highlands to take in the nature, and get to know one of my biggest obsessions – tea making, a bit more in-depth. The windy drive up to the mountains was brutal. I thought yeah, I can do this! I’ve driven in the Alps, I’ve piloted planes, It’ all gonna be good. By the time I drove up to Cameron Highlands, I was greener than the tea plantations I came to see. But it was totally worth it when I was walking though those endless green fields. I got to visit a tea factory and walk through the entire black tea production process.

The other thing Cameron Highlands if famous for is strawberries. The area gets a lot of sunshine, making it perfect for growing strawberries, and has the right kind of climate for some of my favourite flowers. As part of my all round nature tour, I visited a butterfly park and a rose garden. So if you want to get away from the KL heat, want to watch the mist roll in over hills in the morning or taste some some of the freshest tea straight off the production line, Cameron Highlands is your kind of place. Just remember to take something sour for that windy drive up.

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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