Cinque terre2 IMG_1507 IMG_1592IMG_1498 IMG_1415 IMG_1303 IMG_1308 Last year I went on a short trip to the absolutely incredible Cinque Terre. This is one of the first of a UNESCO World Heritage sites I have planned to visit, and all of the 5 Cinque Terre town as well as the surrounding mountains are UNESCO recognised for their natural beauty.

Although Manarola was not the first Cinque Terre town I visited, nor was it the one I stayed it, but it was definitely the most beautiful. The tiny candy-coloured houses of this small town are perched on a cliff above a little harbour. The first two shots in this post were taken in this harbour, where there waves crash over the most breathtakingly colourful rocks, threaded through with white. The main street is filled with ripe fruit and vegetables, freshly baked bread and the chatter of the lovely and welcoming locals. Looking up, the hills above are filled with green of vineyards, which I would be able to appreciate infinitely more if half a glass of wine didn’t make me face-plant into the floor and get carted off to hospital.

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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