thames walk london bridge style thames walk london bridge stylethames walk london bridge style thames walk london bridge style thames walk london bridge style thames walk london bridge stylethames walk london bridge styleMy style now works for me, I don’t work for it. Living in a big city, with demands, commitments, constant emails, IMs, FB messages, whatsapps and the daily hot and sticky sardine-can experience of rush hour on the tube is bad enough. I don’t need to add the stress of what to wear to the mix. I like to be able to grab things from my wardrobe and just go. So I built my wardrobe around key shapes and colours. This way, even if I rummage around blind I will inevitably pull out something that will work. The look above can take me from a day at the office, to a drinks party, a diner date, a night out or a day at a wedding. This dress is an amazing multi-tasker that both stunning, smart and understated. When I have a surprise weekend getaway coming up, and knowing less about the agenda than I do about astrophysics, a multitasking pice like this is one of my 3 wardrobe staples. Comfy stretch skinnies with a leather jacket combo and a cosy cashmere knit also make my top 3 outfit list. So, here is a quick how-to on basic wardrobe building which will keep you cool and 100% prepared for any unexpected journeys and last minute appointments.

Capsule wardrobe Work out what shapes work for you and get the same pieces over and over again in different colours and patters. Pencil and wiggle skirts work well with my body shape. So do waterfall cardigans and short jackets.

Capsule wardrobe2Pick a few key colours you love and build your wardrobe around those. Everything I own comes in black, white, grey, camel, ruby, sapphire, emerald or amethyst. 8 simple shades suddenly tie everything together and eliminate morning indecision and wardrobe rage.

Capsule wardrobe3Buy pieces with a view to last you a lifetime, not a holiday in Spain. Apart form investing in a piece and looking put-together and presentable, you will avoid having a wardrobe full of impulse buys in weird shapes and colours that don’t match anything else you own.

Capsule wardrobe4You know, those pieces I just mentioned that match absolutely nothing else you own and have been residing somewhere at the back of your closet with their tags still on? Yeah, it’s time to say goodbye. Ebay, Depop, vintage shops or your local charity shop. Get rid.

Capsule wardrobe5When you find a versatile multi-tasker that goes with everything, buy it twice. Or even three times. I bought the same pair of black wide-leg trousers four times over and wear them to everything from meetings to walks in the park, to lounging in front of the TV. Same goes for some feather-light and super soft Uniqlo vests. I also own 4. They feature heavily both as outerwear and for layering in winter. In fact, I am wearing it as I type.

Capsule wardrobe6Your clothes are here to make you happyand fill you up with warm and cuddly thoughts. If they make your skin itch or make you feel like you need to suck your lunch in to continue looking acceptable, something is very wrong with that relationship. Get rid. Now. I got rid of everything that doesn’t fit like a glove, or worse, requires to be stuck to me with tape. My litmus test for clothes-comfort is this: if I’d rather crawl back under my duvet than put that on, that it’s getting handed off to the nearest charity shop.

Dress: LK Bennett | Wrap: Issey Miyake | Rings: Vintage | Broach: Svarowski | Earrings: Svarowski


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42) and Mariko Kuo.

xx Alice

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