Dar Ayniwen Hotel Poolside, Marrakech

Dar Ayniwen Hotel Morocco Marrakesh Style Fashion Form 42

Dar Ayniwen Hotel Marrakesh MoroccoDar Ayniwen Hotel Marrakesh MoroccoDar Ayniwen Hotel Marrakesh MoroccoDar Ayniwen Hotel Marrakesh MoroccoDar Ayniwen Hotel Marrakesh MoroccoDar Ayniwen Hotel Marrakesh MoroccoMarrakesh trip3Good morning from Dar Ayniwen hotel, where I seem to be spending a considerable length of time perfecting the art of relaxing.

For me, a lot of the time, life starts where my comfort zone ends. I try to see, do and eat my way though every Lonely Planet guide book on my shelf. I start my days at 6 am, climb mountains, pilot planes and take pictures of everything along the way. It’s amazing and exciting but it does leave you feeling that you need a holiday from your holiday. The pictures are undoubtedly worth the 5 hour trek or the 2 hours spent standing on a chunk of floating ice, in wind, rain, sub-zero temperatures while wearing a flimsy silk blouse. And it does leave you with some memorable experiences (like that time I was defrosting my wet and frozen hair with the car heater or conquered my fear of sharks, enclosed spaces and snakes in one fell swoop on a ship wreck dive).

I usually come back home exhausted, sleep deprived, starving or ill. Sometimes all at once. Which is not always great, especially if I am going straight back to the office or the studio. But while I was at Dar Ayniwen, for once, I took the opportunity to change up my pace, relax, unwind, stay a little more stationary and enjoy the view without maxing out my heart rate. I didn’t see all of he sights in Marrakesh, and I’m not sorry. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to spend a few extra hours at Dar Ayniwen, surrounded by a green oasis, filled with exotic birds and hypnotic smells, while sampling the freshest and tastiest local cuisine. Because if this isn’t the perfect Moroccan experience, I don’t know what is.

Top: All Saints | Shorts: H&M (similar)| Bikini: H&M | Temporary Tattoos: Seekers of the Sun and Lottie

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42) and Mariko Kuo.

xx Alice

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