IMG_9559IMG_9558IMG_9564IMG_9568IMG_9707IMG_9628IMG_9613IMG_9618IMG_9630One of the things I absolutely love about Asia is the colour, the buzz and the weird produce you never thought existed. And you can fins all of these things at wet markets. I visited Singapore, Hong Kong and now Malaysia and I can tell you, it’s an an amazing, not to mention tasty, adventure.

If you are not to uptight about your cooking like me, it can be a real adventure. I went food shopping, nay to discover that the usual ingredients I’m used to ate not available (like parsley, or basil, or apples) but multicoloured, spiky and foul smelling things were. So began the game of lucky dip, wherein I bought one of everything, brought it home and tried to cook with it. If I ever moved to Asia, I would start my housewarming and every social gathering thereafter by serving up Harry Potteresque every flavour bean delights (i.e. cooking the weird and wonderful things I find in wet markets into my dishes and let my guests guess what the hell I am feeding them).

Bottom line is, whether you love cooking or not, wet markets are a cultural experience of their own, and not one to be missed.

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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