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Like my previous post, this amazing space is also at London’s Kew Gardens. Home to the world’s largest Victorian greenhouse, a whole lot of tropical plants and themed gardens, Kew is the place to go if you want to continent hop in one afternoon.

I never miss a chance to go up the ornate winding staircase to the skywalk around the main Victorian greenhouse, take in the incredible tree-top views and get a fair few palm leaves in my face on the way up. This is also the hottest and most humid part of the greenhouse, with jets of water misting you from head to toe every few minutes; but the amazing views are definitely worth the sauna experience.

Top: Uniqlo | Shorts: All Saints | Shoes: United Nude | Bag: Zara


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42) and May Yin Lee (Red Velvet London).

xx Alice

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