hk adventures7 IMG_2546 IMG_3326 IMG_2280Hong Kong’s Mid Levels are a truly unique place. I think the best way to describe them is stairs. Stairs, stairs and some more stairs. Not the kind of place you want to find yourself if you are wearing heels. The Mid Levels is a mixture of colourful houses, cascading down Hong Kong’s hills. My favourite part is the hip and alternative area around Tai Ping Shan street, with quirky shops selling art books and design magazines, odd and cool fashion boutiques, cafes, temples and tea houses (more about that on the blog shortly). The area has a distinctly european feel, from the fashion, to the food to the design and signage on the shops and cafes. So if you are looking for a dose of hip and cutting edge design, head to Tai Ping Shan. And remember to wear flats.

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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