post covers3IMG_4020IMG_3993IMG_3824IMG_3724IMG_3928IMG_4373IMG_4593Going to the Peak in Hong Kong, was one of the most breathtaking experiences on this trip. I am a creative, a daydreamer; so having my head in the clouds is practically my job description. But metaphors aside, I also like getting my head stuck in real clouds. I love hiking on misty mornings, watching chunks of white cotton candy creep up the mountains and quite literally walking on clouds. And as you hike down, the forest is revealed to you a piece at a time through the cloud cover. And I love that mystery. The most striking thing about a misty hike is as you walk downhill, one minute you are wrapped up in a fog so thick you can barely make out what’s in front of you and the next everything around you is crystal clear for miles, as you walk out of the bottom of the cloud cover. And if you are a photographer, the fog can create some amazing drama and mystery in your shots.

So I went up on the only cloudy day of my trip and soaked up some incredible views of both HK’s architecture and the forests covering the hills and the islands in the bay. If you are thinking of visiting, don’t just stick to the viewing platform at the top of the elevator. Go out and walk the ring that encircles the top of the hill. You will get to see Hong Kong from all sides: shiny skyscrapers, beautiful nature, the port and a waterfall. If you are into outdoor fitness, take your trainers along and make this your morning workout. It has plenty of shade to help you stay cool and lots of friendly fellow joggers.

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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