IMG_1305kerid crater lake iceland calderakerid crater lake iceland calderakerid crater lake iceland caldera iceland drive iceland driveiceland driveThis place was a quick surprise stop on the way to Gullfoss. I had no idea it was even there, but it was definitely worth a visit. This was shot in Kerith, a caldera – which is short for a volcanic crater lake. The water is clear and still and the lake looks scarily deep. I waded in to sit on the rock in the middle of all that water and have a great view all the way up the sides of a volcano.

This is a surprisingly well visited site, although you wouldn’t know it’s there. The volcano doesn’t rise very high off the ground and you have to walk down to the caldera. Although, if you are anything like me, or if you go on a rainy day, you are more likely to slide all the way down to the caldera. So wear shoes with grip, a lot of grip, or risk getting covered head to toe in red clay.

Jacket: Uniqlo | Jumper: Manrico | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Ugg | Scarf: Eric Bompard

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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