LFW AW16 – DAY 1

London Fashion Week LFW AW16 Style Form 42

London Fashion Week LFW AW16 Style Form 42London Fashion Week LFW AW16 Style Form 42London Fashion Week LFW AW16 Style Form 42London Fashion Week LFW AW16 Style Form 42London Fashion Week LFW AW16 Style Form 42London Fashion Week LFW AW16 Style Form 42London Fashion Week LFW AW16 Style Form 42

It’s London Fashion Week, and I am back in London to check out some shows and recover some of my favourite haunts. And this view from Blackfriars s one of them.

If you are willing to venture a few bridges over from Westminster, the views from Blackfriars bridge are equally excellent. Not only that but you can turn around and admire the wonderful stone architecture and wooden doors adjacent to Blackfriars station. Also home to the wacky and weird there’s a statue of a man with a briefcase calling out for a cab. Presumably artfully showing the daily life of the commuter. I can’t find hear or tell of it on Google through, and have no idea why it’s been put there. But January, beanuary, the month of New Year’s resolutions and general health kick salad and yoga month is finally behind us. I managed to run crawl through it on my daily run from work.

But now that Fashion Weeks is here, I’m really looking forward to seeing what new stuff the AW16 season has to offer, but for now I’m sticking to timeless classics. And layering up to beat the daily commute, aka game of hot potato. First you dash for the bus, bag in one hand, keys, wallet, phone and scarf in the other – hot. Then you sit on the bus a while. With the doors open in the middle of winter – cold! Then another dash to the tube and half an hour of being wedged into a sardine can with hundreds of other sweaty bodies all you want is a cold shower and an iced drink. Then you stumble out of the tube, carrying all of the clothes you shed to survive the fires of Mordor only to get blasted with some cold, wind and rain. By the time you get to work your hair is in way worse shape than when you rolled out of bed that morning, most of your makeup is firmly stuck to your contact lenses, everything is a bit damp and you are hoping that came from the rain and not from a bunch of sweaty people you just shared all of your personal space with on the tube.

And since I have to this day refused to invest any time into learning how to drive myself to work, my only weapon against this daily disaster is layering up like a cabbage in scarves and wraps and praying there will be enough elbow room for me to shed a wrap or two once I hit the sardine can part of my journey.

Wrap: Issey Miyake | Skirt: All Saints | Shoes: Louboutin


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42) and Mariko Kuo.

xx Alice

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    Rochelle Fox
    February 22, 2016 at 12:38 PM

    Amazing! So in love with these photos.
    Good vibes, Fox
    check out my latest Vlog

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    Danielle @ Sphere of Din
    March 4, 2016 at 9:51 PM


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    March 7, 2016 at 6:37 AM

    Lovely frames! 🙂 Hope you had a great fashion week even with the crazy weather!

    • Reply
      FORM 42
      March 8, 2016 at 11:01 PM

      Thank you dear :))

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