Iceland Rain Style Form 42Iceland Rain Style Form 42 Iceland Rain Style Form 42Iceland Rain Style Form 42 Iceland Rain Style Form 42Iceland Rain Style Form 42Iceland Rain Style Form 42

The last few days I have been struggling to crawl over to my laptop to blog the next set of  Icelandic shots. In fact, I have been struggling to even hit the ‘on’ button. The only button I have been hitting is snooze. A lot.

Over the past few weeks I have been hopping from country to country and rarely staying in one place for more than one or two nights. My fellow blogette and space cadet, has been keeping me company on the is latest attempt to hit up all of the Game of Thrones locations while I have time to spare. This has mostly involved propping me up, literally and metaphorically, as I play chicken with the 40*C European heatwave. And always lose.

So while I am main lining iced drinks on a train between Hungary and hell, I am dreaming of cloudy skies, that hang out over London in a permanent state of performance anxiety. Have you ever seen a londoner with an umbrella? Nope? Neither have I. It’s not that we love getting rained on, it’s just the aforementioned clouds aren’t very good at credible threats. At most they will manage to squeeze out a 20 second light drizzle. Cue the ultimate go-to piece for non-seasons (or, as is the case with London – for all seasons): the lightweight waterproof mac. Water stays out, your dignity stays in (if, like me, you are wearing white), you don’t need to carry an umbrella and everyone is happy.

So let’s give three cheers for this Ilse Jacobsen winner of a wardrobe staple. It’s a definite keeper, especially for the British, or Icelandic, summer which will likely involve layering on some jumpers underneath…

Jumper: Zara | Trousers: Reiss | Mac: Ilse Jacobsen| Shoes: Solsana


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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