765A3794765A4084 765A4037 765A4118Hey guys. Today I am sharing with you my off-duty hide-out and wearing my ‘uniform’ for my daily slog at the studio. I say uniform because I own 4 multiples of this exact outfit.

I never know what the 10-12 hour day at the studio has in store for me. I might spend most of the day with my feet up on the little red couch making a laser cut pattern on my laptop, practically hanging upside down trying to build something or getting very very messy in the etching, letterpress, screen print or mound-making studio. And above all, my focus during the weeks needs to be on my work. In other words, what I wear needs to comfortable, allow me to do some serious acrobatics and be easily washable. Cotton is my go-to fabric for this, and a light leather jacket to keep out the cold and the wet if I need to make a dash across the street on my lunch break.

These photos were shot by Regent’s Park. I love all the quiet little corners Regent’s Park has to offer and it’s such a welcome break to re-energise and inspire at the end of a long day. My other absolute must for inspiration are the lifestyle mags Kinfolk and Cereal (pictured). I aways have a copy in my bag.

Wearing: T: Asos | Trousers: Gap | Plimsolls: Lacoste | Bag: Zara | Jacket: Religion


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42) and Mariko Kuo.

xx Alice

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