765A9751 765A9785   765A9788 765A9783765A9765 765A9791765A9719765A9866765A9835765A9829765A9808765A9813765A9723 The last few weeks have been brutal. Between exam pressure and heap of practical work I have been coped up in the studio working all day and sometimes night. But the world is always full of quirky little coincidences that always cheer you up.

When by fellow blogger Olya messaged me about Sake No Hana’s cherry blossom event, I knew I couldn’t possibly miss it. I booked a quick lunch at their Japanese sakura inspired pop-up event on the last day to give myself a much-needed break from all the studio work. And to my surprise, guess who also booked a table right next to mine at the same time on the same day? That’s right, I ran into Olya, or rather she spotted me reading the menu at my table as she was walking in. The world is small place. And London is even smaller.

Amazing coincidences aside, I’d like to talk about Sake No Hana itself. It’s a Japanese kaiseki restaurant, now owned by my all time favourite restaurant group – Hakkasan. Although normally Japanese food is not my top choice (sorry, but no matter how tasty the sushi is I still prefer a hot meal), this place has been on my to-visit list for a few reasons.

Firstly the place is based next to the Economist Plaza. It’s a gorgeous tiny square that nobody seems to ever know about. Aside form being the home to Economist magazine offices, it always features amazing temporary modern art installations. And it’s right around the corner from the White Cube, one of London’s top creative spaces, featuring works by some of the world’s most talented contemporary artists.

Secondly, I love their decor. That was the original reason Sake No Hana was on my radar. And lastly, their attention to detail is impeccable. Every dish has been lovingly crafted and hand decorated. As someone who lives and breathes design for a living, things like the decor, the cherry blossom filled rooms and food embellished with violets mean as much to me as the quality of the food does. In other words, fingers crossed Sake No Hana decides to do the cherry blossom event next spring. And if they do, count me in.

Dress: Reiss | Heels: Chanel | Bag: Zara | Jacket: Religion


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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