SONY DSCIMG_3564IMG_4010I took a trip around Singapore’s concrete jungle to explore some stunning modern architecture and breathtaking views. Here are some pictures from the day, but by far my favourite experience was going to the top of the Pinnacle, walking along the sky walks, looking out over the whole city, the sea and the docks and watching a thunderstorm.

Skirt: All Saints

IMG_9919IMG_9884IMG_9740IMG_9890IMG_9883IMG_9748IMG_9702IMG_9967It’s been along time coming, but here are some more pictures for my recent rip to Singapore. On my first day I took a trip down Buffalo Rd (and burnt to neat crisp in twenty minutes despite the sun cream – oh the joys of being pale as paper). In the first round of sightseeing I checked out the colourful multitude of hindu temples and the fruit and spice markets. Stay tuned for round two (and my seeming inability to stay away from squid).



singapore 2IMG_0307 IMG_0296 IMG_0331 On my way back to London, fresh form another Asian adventure, I had a quick stop-over in Singapore again. It never lets me down in terms of weather (sorry, London, you need to try harder). And I love stopping by, checking with my friends who live locally, sipping a teh tarik and never miss a chance to have something matcha-flavoured at quirky and super friendly Shots Cafe.

When I’m in Singapore I always take a stroll down Ann Siang Hill and Club Street and head in the diction of the vibrant little street called Haji Lane. Covered in brightly coloured street art, the street is home to quirky-cool concept shops and cafes, painted every colour of the rainbow. It’s an instant mood boost and if you are alone in the city, making friends no hard task in this super friendly neighbourhood.

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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