London UCL Fashion Style Form 42London UCL Fashion Style Form 42

This is a quickie post, created to honour that very rare event that is lunch in the park, or in my case square. Full on hour-long lunchtimes are rare. Hour-long lunch-times which are warm and sunny are even rarer. But, I somehow managed to crawl out of the shackles of academia for an hour and snap up some vitamin D and some much-needed sanity during my finals.

My favourite strong blues and reds are making a comeback in this post again. When in doubt, I usually go either monochrome or full on french-flag. Because statement colours make it sort of look like I tried that day, as opposed to swiping something off the back of the chair and running for the library with a toothbrush in one hand and a piece of breakfast fruit in the other.

Top: Issey Miyake | Leggings: Zara| Scarf: Hermes | Shoes: Chanel


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42) and Mariko Kuo.

xx Alice

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