IMG_3424IMG_4166IMG_3866IMG_3885morocco marrakesh travel palmeraie fashion form 42morocco marrakesh travel palmeraie fashion form 42IMG_4108IMG_3378IMG_4085IMG_3958IMG_4041IMG_4018IMG_4438IMG_4102morocco marrakesh travel palmeraie fashion form 42Good evening form Marrakesh and this beautiful palm paradise. We were fortunate enough that our hotel (Dar Ayniwen) was was located in Marrakesh’ famed  Palmeraie district – a sea of a palms that stretches all the way to the horizon. Inside the hotel walls we enjoyed the comfort and beauty of a Mediterranean garden, filled with lemons, palms and a whole perfume-bottle worth of otherness which I don’t have the horticultural knowledge to name. But right outside the walls, we found all this wild Moroccan beauty, some camels and the perfect setting for an evening walk.

I am wearing probably my favourite outfit form the entire trip in this post. The moment my luggage was finally recovered, this was the first thing I reached for to try on. Apart from being an absolutely stunning and very flattering dress, it is also incredibly comfortable and most importantly weather and culture-appropriate. I can’t quite describe just how perfect this number was. It ticked every single box. Time to ebay off everything I own and buy a wardrobe-full of Ilse Jacobsen? (Hint: you will be seeing a lot more of this brand both in my upcoming Morocco posts and an all the eye-candy I will be putting up from my trip to Iceland. Stay tuned.)

Dress: Ilse Jacobsen | Temporary Tattoos: Seekers of the Sun and Lottie


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42) and Mariko Kuo.

xx Alice

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