Following up only last post, I was out to get acquainted with Chinese culture some more on my Hong Kong visit. When a fried of mine suggested I come along to her doctor’s appointment I was a little confused and a lot surprised. She went on to explain that she is going to a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to get a general health and wellbeing checkup and that it would be great for me to find out more about the culture. I was more than eager to get going and discover more on my travels.

I sat in on the consultation, as my friend translated. The doctor was holding her wrists to get her pulse and asking questions about her general health. After the consult, I watched as the pharmacist carefully measured and dished out a tailor made recipe of herbs, roots and other things I have no idea what they were. An explanation about how Chinese medicine works, the flow of Qi and constructing buildings with Qi in mind, we were on our way to Causeway Bay.

Staring at all those amazing things in jars inspired me to go and pick up some yummy things from Causeway Bay food shops (the lest two shots). The dried plums are my favourite. And the newbie that I am, I thought “yeah, I shop for groceries in London’s Chinatown all the time, I totally know what I’m doing”…yeah, right. Instead of one option for the dried plums that I’m used to, I was faced with a shop-full. And all the labels were in Chinese. If I ever moved to Hong Kong, I will have to add another hobby to my ever-growing hobby list: dried plum taster. I’d have to buy and try every flavour.

Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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