765A2803 765A2829 765A2836 765A2840765A2879 765A2938 765A2835 765A2834 765A2831I love the beauty and the magnificence of the architecture at London’s St Paul’s cathedral. This is where my travel journey really began. I used to work literally around the corner from here for years and sit eating my lunch and gazing up at the cathedral. And then one lunchtime I realised that I had been staring at the outside of this incredible building literally for years but have never been inside.

This was the moment I decided to follow my travel dreams, really make them happen and see the world. And although I started my journey with far-flung places around the world like Asia and remote islands in the Indian Ocean, I came back to London to visit St Paul’s to remind myself where this blog began.

I still haven’t been inside, and for now I’m keeping it that way. One day, when my travel journey comes to an end and I finally pick a country to fall in love with and call home I will come back here and go in. But for now, this place keeps inspiring me to get out there and see the world.

Wearing: Top: H&M| Trousers: Gap | Jacket: H&M | Shoes: United Nude | Clutch: Hermes


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42) and May Yin Lee (Red Velvet London).

xx Alice

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