IMG_0146Westminster London Style Fashion Form 42Westminster London Style Fashion Form 42Westminster London Style Fashion Form 42Westminster London Style Fashion Form 42Westminster London Style Fashion Form 42IMG_0053IMG_0114IMG_0292I am a Londoner at heart, and having spent the last few months travelling the world I have come the firm conclusion that London is the place that really feels like home.

Having sacrificed sleep, sanity and shoes to trek out to the middle of muddy nowhere and shoot countless sunrises from Angkor Wat to the Alhambra, it was time to up my photography game on home turf. So as soon as I landed in London, I set out to explore one of London’s best known landmarks at sunrise – Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had the bright idea to soak up some sunshine and awkward stares from the commuting public. About half an hour in, a wedding couple arrived complete  with a puffy dress and a bunch of  photographers and assistants. All of whom collectively started to to shoo runners, pedestrians and me off “their” turf. Not in English.
Despite just stepping off the plane from Asia, my grasp of Asian languages is about as strong as my kung fu. I routinely reply to questions in Khmer in Bahasa and the last time I tried to ask for a roast pork bun in Mandarin, I apparently requested something toilet-related. So honestly I have no idea what they were shouting at me and various Lycra-clad sportsmen and women, but from the energetic gesturing it couldn’t have been good. The best part came about 10 minutes later, when two more wedding couples turned up complete with an entourage of photographers and assistants… And promptly started shouting at each other instead. And I sincerely hope not in the same language, just to up the comedy value of this. Collectively, instead of getting people to move on, they attracted a crowd worthy of a West End show. Somebody pass those guys some popcorn; I’m off.

Jumpsuit: Three Floor | Shoes: Zara


Pictures by Alice Reinhardt (Form 42).

xx Alice

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